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IC Control – Wireless Lighting Controls

Just one installation of icControl transforms your workplace into an intelligent lighting solution.

  • Heat, motion and daylight-sensitive intelligent lighting
  • Complete control of your lighting installation from day one
  • Huge cost savings locked-in through our guarantees
  • In use today at over 70,000 installations
Estimated Additional Savings vs Standard LED Installation
Estimated Total Savings On A Completely New Installation
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IC Control

Features & Benefits of IC Control

Suitable for any installation

Pick from any of the world’s best LED lighting solutions. Our complete service from site surveys to installation and aftercare

World Class Security & Compliance

Secure cloud-based data storage with granular staff access control. All installations meet and exceed UK and EU regulations

Interactive Monitoring

Featuring customisable reporting and heuristics. Necer miss a thing with power consumption, fault and emergency reporting

Modular Build

Leading motion (PIR) and heat detection with Lux level auto-detection. Includes grouping and granular control

IC Lighting provide a great all round service for the customer. Their CREE products deliver great results. – Peter Roberts, Senior Manufacturing Project Specialist

“We haven’t had to do any maintenance of the LED lighting in the last 5 years since we’ve been working with icLighting. Before that we were having to change bulbs every two months.” – Rengasamy Balakrishnan,
Electrical Manager, ICGL