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When it comes to lighting for restaurants or bars, it is so important to get it right as it sets the whole scene for your premises. Are you looking for a light and trendy feel in the centre of the city? Or are you looking for a dark and moody vibe? All of this is controlled by the lighting in your premises. 

  • Energy Efficient

  • Improves Productivity

  • Improves Operating Safety

  • Adheres to Government Legislation

At IC Lighting, we work with restaurant owners and bar owners to deliver modern LED lighting systems. We can design a lighting system which projects the amount of lumens required for you chosen look and feel. Once designs are complete and signed off, we deliver the products which can ebe installed by us, or your own installers. With our lighting design & planning experts, a huge range of products and our installation services and knowledge, we simply offer a service that no other can.

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Lighting Products for Restaurants and Bars

Bar Area Lights

Dining Area Lights

Ceiling Lights

Wall Lights

Restaurant Kitchen Lights


Which LED Lights Should I Use for a Restaurant?

We have a large selection of lights that are suitable for use in restaurants. Depending on the tone you are trying to set will very much depend on the type of lights you install. For example, if your premises are open during the day, the lighting required for daytime will be very different to evening dining. A great option for this would be to make use of either dimming lights so that you can increase the brightness as the day gets darker. Whatever look and feel you are trying to achieve, let us take all the hard work away and design your lighting system for you. Simply let us know what you want, and we’ll put your design together for you. This means that we can design and plan your restaurant lighting before you purchase a single light fitting.

Which LED Lights Should I Use for Bars, Pubs & Clubs?

Our range of lighting for bars, pubs and clubs is as diverse as types of bars, pubs, and clubs. One of the things you will need to consider is your opening hours. If you only open in the evenings, not only do you have to consider the lighting indoors, but also those leading up to your premises. Do you have a car park which needs lighting to offer a sense of security to your patrons? Lighting on pathways and walkways will be required to makes sure no one trips up on their way in and especially on their way out. Whatever your requirements, we keep a huge range of stock. This includes spotlights, wall lights, kitchen lights and many others that you will need throughout the course of lighting a building such as these. What’s more, we can design and install with a little downtime as possible.

Why Choose Us?

Being totally independent we are able to offer educational establishments the best solution for them, we research the best LED luminaire manufacturers, and always maintain performance and regulatory standards.

We are able to offer funding, grant options and support for SALIX and SEELS when needed as part of our standard service to all our clients. Always aware of the cost pressures in the education sector, our LED solutions deliver excellent cost savings from day one.

Our value is based on guaranteed quality LED lights from suppliers like: – CREE, Diastrum, and Teknoware, amongst many of our proven manufacturers. These offer exceptional durability and quality of light, almost maintenance-free and backed by some of the best five- and ten-year unequivocal guarantees.

Combine these products with intelligent controls and our clients get an integrated approach to educational lighting with real performance. All our products meet and exceed all UK government regulations.

You need different lighting solutions for different parts of an establishment, a sports hall from the staff room for example require very different light levels and ambiance.

You cannot touch good light, you can only experience it.

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