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Light is becoming increasingly important in the industrial sector. The reasons: modern industrial lighting can cut operating costs. This is due to state-of-the-art, energy-efficient lighting technology. It improves visual conditions and helps concentration with Human Centric Lighting. At the same time, it improves productivity and operating safety. By integrating into control networks, it helps to protect the environment. Another aspect to consider is that legislative regulations are becoming increasingly stringent.

  • Energy Efficient

  • Improves Productivity

  • Improves Operating Safety

  • Adheres to Government Legislation

At IC Lighting, we work with owners to deliver modern LED lighting systems for factories and warehouses. You can count on us to deliver an LED lighting project reliably, rapidly, and as simply as possible. Our experience ranges from production bays and warehouses to corridors and office workstations in management environments. With our lighting design & planning experts, a huge range of products and our installation services and knowledge, we simply offer a service that no other can.

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Areas of Lighting for Factories & Warehouses

High Bay

Low Bay Lighting

Flood Lighting

Linear Lighting

Lecture Theatres

Clean Room

Down Lights

Lighting Controls

Which LED Lights Should I Use for Warehouses and Factories?

There are ranges of LED lights for factories that are advertised at 6,000 Kelvin and above. This will produce an extremely bright initial output. However, this has proven to be too bright. After a short time, it starts to become painful to be around as it is too bright. These also tend to ‘burn out’ quickly. This means that warehouses have to constantly replace their lighting due to staff complaints and outages. This adds on extra cost in terms of replacement LED lights as well as engineers’ costs. A well fitted, robust 5,500 Kelvin light will produce safe, bright, clear light and be much more sustainable. This is just one of many examples of not choosing the correct LED lighting design. We design the whole system, test it for viability before a single light is ever fitted.

How Much Power Will My LED Warehouse Lighting and Factory Lighting Use?

First-generation LED lighting required at least a 400W supply to generate a significant output. Our warehouse high bay LED lights work on around 130W. This produces the same, and quite often better output. In turn, you use less energy which helps towards making your business more energy efficient. This is even more beneficial as the government head towards Net Zero 2050. By using less energy, you also save costs. With over two thirds less energy used, you can gauge a rough estimate of how that translates into cost savings for your business. Many of our lights are calibrated to fit the range seen by the naked eye. This generates even more efficient results as it increases productivity and alertness in the workplace. There’s no need to compromise between quality and cost savings.

Why Choose Us?

Being totally independent we are able to offer educational establishments the best solution for them, we research the best LED luminaire manufacturers, and always maintain performance and regulatory standards.

We are able to offer funding, grant options and support for SALIX and SEELS when needed as part of our standard service to all our clients. Always aware of the cost pressures in the education sector, our LED solutions deliver excellent cost savings from day one.

Our value is based on guaranteed quality LED lights from suppliers like: – CREE, Diastrum, and Teknoware, amongst many of our proven manufacturers. These offer exceptional durability and quality of light, almost maintenance-free and backed by some of the best five- and ten-year unequivocal guarantees.

Combine these products with intelligent controls and our clients get an integrated approach to educational lighting with real performance. All our products meet and exceed all UK government regulations.

You need different lighting solutions for different parts of an establishment, a sports hall from the staff room for example require very different light levels and ambiance.

You cannot touch good light, you can only experience it.

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