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LED Lighting for Warehouses

The importance of light in the manufacturing industry is growing all the time. The reason for this is that contemporary industrial lighting can reduce running costs. This is because we have access to cutting-edge lighting technology that is also very efficient with energy. Through the use of Human Centric Lighting, visual conditions are enhanced, and concentration is enhanced as well. Productivity and operating safety are both improved as a result of this at the same time. It contributes to the preservation of the natural world through its incorporation into control networks. One more thing to take into consideration is the fact that the legal regulations are getting stricter all the time.

  • Energy Efficient

  • Improves Productivity

  • Improves Operating Safety

  • Adheres to Government Legislation

At IC Lighting, we collaborate with building proprietors to provide contemporary LED lighting systems for large warehouses. You can rely on us to deliver an LED lighting project in a dependable, prompt, and as uncomplicated a manner as is humanly possible. Our experience extends from working in production bays and warehouses to working in management environments that include corridors and office workstations. We simply provide a service that cannot be matched by our competitors because we have specialists in lighting design and planning, a vast selection of products, and both installation services and knowledge.

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Areas of Lighting for Warehouses

High Bay

Low Bay Lighting

Flood Lighting

Linear Lighting

Lecture Theatres

Clean Room

Down Lights

Lighting Controls

Which LED Lights Should I Use for Warehouses?

There are a few different ranges of LED lighting for warehouses that are advertised as having a Kelvin temperature of 6,000 or higher. This will result in an initial output that is exceptionally brilliant. On the other hand, this has been shown to be excessively bright. After only a short period of time, being in its vicinity starts to hurt due to the excessive brightness. These also have a propensity to “burn out” rather rapidly. Because of this, warehouses are required to make consistent upgrades to their lighting in order to address the concerns of their employees and prevent power outages. This results in additional expenses, both financially and in terms of the cost of hiring engineers and replacing LED lights. A robust light that operates at 5,500 Kelvin and is properly fitted will produce light that is not only safe but also bright, clear, and significantly more sustainable. This is just one example out of many that demonstrates the importance of selecting the appropriate LED lighting design. Before even one light is installed, we design the entire system and determine whether or not it will be successful.

How Much Power Will LED Warehouse Lighting Use?

A power supply of at least 400 watts was necessary for first-generation LED lighting in order to generate a significant amount of light. The LED high bay lights in our manufacturing facility each operate on approximately 130W. This results in the same output, which is quite often of a higher quality. As a result, you consume less energy, which contributes to the overall improvement of the energy efficiency of your company. As the government works toward its goal of Net Zero in 2050, this becomes an even more valuable asset. When you reduce your energy consumption, you reduce costs. You should be able to come up with a ballpark figure for how much money your company will save as a result of the reduction in energy consumption of more than two thirds. A good number of our lights have been adjusted so that they fall within the range that can be seen by the naked eye. Because of this, there is an increase in both productivity and alertness in the workplace, which leads to the generation of even more effective results. There is no requirement to choose between lowering expenses or improving quality.

Why Choose Us?

Being totally independent we are able to offer educational establishments the best solution for them, we research the best LED luminaire manufacturers, and always maintain performance and regulatory standards.

We are able to offer funding, grant options and support for SALIX and SEELS when needed as part of our standard service to all our clients. Always aware of the cost pressures in the education sector, our LED solutions deliver excellent cost savings from day one.

Our value is based on guaranteed quality LED lights from suppliers like: – CREE, Diastrum, and Teknoware, amongst many of our proven manufacturers. These offer exceptional durability and quality of light, almost maintenance-free and backed by some of the best five- and ten-year unequivocal guarantees.

Combine these products with intelligent controls and our clients get an integrated approach to educational lighting with real performance. All our products meet and exceed all UK government regulations.

You need different lighting solutions for different parts of an establishment, a sports hall from the staff room for example require very different light levels and ambiance.

You cannot touch good light, you can only experience it.

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