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Lighting for Underground Car Parks

We are seasoned experts in the provision of LED lighting solutions for underground car parks. We provide our services to organisations of all sizes and types all over the United Kingdom. In addition to product supply and installation, we also provide surveys and designs for our clients. 

  • The longest warranty periods available anywhere in the UK

  • LED lights guaranteed to last at least twice the lifetime (L70 rating) of non-LED installations

  • Dark sky compliance, meeting new government regulations
  • The best customer care, from first inquiry to installation and aftercare

We are the only CREE distributor within the M25 area, in addition to being the authorised CREE distributor for the United Kingdom. Our underground car park lights are among the best in the world. In addition, we stock a vast assortment of other products, some of which include Di-Astrum and other well-known brands. 

We design the lighting system, supply it, and install it for the car park, stairwells, emergency lighting, external lighting, pathways, and floodlighting, as well as any other lighting aspects that your underground car park might require.

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Areas of Lighting for Underground Car Parks

Surface Mounted


High Bay

Low Bay

Occupancy Controls

Wall Mounted



Things to Consider for LED Lighting in Underground Car Parks

There are a few things that need to be taken into consideration when developing an environmentally friendly LED lighting system for underground car parks. As it has been in the past, the primary concern will be safety. Both drivers and pedestrians should be able to see clearly thanks to the lighting, and it should be adequate. When it comes to lighting that is placed outside, the weather is a significant consideration. You will need to check that the products you are installing have an IP rating that makes them appropriate for use outside and that they are resistant to the elements. The path that pedestrians take when leaving the building on foot from their cars is another important aspect to take into consideration. To ensure everyone’s safety, these areas will need to have adequate lighting.

Why Do Underground Car Parks Need Such Bright Lighting?

Drivers need to be able to see clearly throughout an underground car park in order for them to be able to move their vehicles efficiently and without incident. It also makes it easier for pedestrians to locate their vehicles when they are returning to them. Lighting contributes to a sense of safety and confidence among pedestrians. Because it makes it easier for drivers to see them, it provides an additional layer of protection for the pedestrians. Last but not least, adequate lighting can prevent people from engaging in illegal activity whilst customers are away from their vehicles. It also makes it easier for security services to do their job by making it possible for them to spot suspicious activities more quickly as well as making it easier to identify people.

Why Choose Us?

Being totally independent we are able to offer the best solution for underground car parks. We research the best LED luminaire manufacturers, and always maintain performance and regulatory standards.

We are able to offer funding, grant options and support for SALIX and SEELS when needed as part of our standard service to all our clients. Always aware of the cost pressures in the transport sector, our LED solutions deliver excellent cost savings from day one.

Our value is based on guaranteed quality LED lights from suppliers like: – CREE, Diastrum, and Teknoware, amongst many of our proven manufacturers. These offer exceptional durability and quality of light, almost maintenance-free and backed by some of the best five- and ten-year unequivocal guarantees.

Combine these products with intelligent controls and our clients get an integrated approach to educational lighting with real performance. All our products meet and exceed all UK government regulations.

You need different lighting solutions for different parts of a car park, a walkway compared to an emergency exit will require very different light levels and ambiance.

You cannot touch good light, you can only experience it. 

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