BCP serves as an extension of your team, providing comprehensive end-to-end project management services. With a dedicated engineer overseeing your project from start to finish, we are committed to ensuring its success.

Through transparent communication and a shared project schedule, we establish a clear timeline to keep your project on track and meet important deadlines. Our proven track record showcases our ability to tackle various challenges, including tight schedules and remote sites, while considering environmental and technological factors.

Leveraging our extensive experience in managing large projects, we have a deep understanding of contractors and their capabilities worldwide, enabling us to seamlessly coordinate and integrate all aspects of your project.

Your Vision, Our Expertise

“The service provided by BCP was excellent and I would highly recommend them. They were very knowledgeable in providing help and expertise at the preliminary design stage of the project, helping us to design the perfect components at a cost-effective price. The final composite panels were of very high quality and were delivered on time to a tight deadline.”

George Sleath MEng, Project Engineer, The AMRC’s Integrated Manufacturing Group

Comprehensive Project Management Services

Our project management teams, comprising skilled professionals and supported by advanced tools, processes, and systems, assist customers in optimising technical scope, capital cost, schedule, and execution of plans. Through effective front-end loading, we ensure maximum value in investment decisions and a robust decision-making process before project sanction. Additionally, our extensive in-house capabilities grant us greater control over production, enabling increased flexibility, customisation, reduced lead times, enhanced quality control, and superior customer property protection.

Customer’s engineer – BCP serves as an independent reviewers on behalf of our customers, assisting them in achieving successful project outcomes. Our role includes overseeing and protecting our client’s interest, where necessary.

Integrated Project Management Team – BCP offers clients the best project managers who collaborate closely with their existing teams to ensure seamless project execution.

Project management consulting – Our consultancy services provide clients with highly skilled engineers who excel in delivering exceptional results across all aspects of their projects.

Project Management Services