Prototyping plays a crucial role in product development and innovation. It involves creating a preliminary version or model of a product to test and validate its design, functionality, and performance before moving into full-scale production. The key reasons why prototyping is so important include:

Design validation: Ensures product design is refined and meets specifications through iterative prototyping and testing.
Functionality testing: Assesses product features, components, and interactions to identify issues and optimise performance.
Iterative development: Involves building and testing multiple prototype versions, refining and improving the product incrementally.

With our well-equipped laboratory facilities, BCP can assemble a diverse array of products, catering to various requirements. Our engineering team possesses specialized knowledge in machining, welding, bonding, and additive manufacturing techniques, enabling us to effectively utilise these advanced technologies. For instance, additive manufacturing, often combined with 3D computer-aided design (CAD), is commonly employed for rapid prototyping of components, models, or assemblies

Confidentiality is our top priority

We understand that confidentiality is essential when it comes to prototypes. From the moment you contact us, your information is protected by our standard terms and conditions. If you have a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that you would like us to sign, we are happy to do so. Simply send it to us and we will get it signed right away.

3D Printing Services

BCP uses our industry-leading advanced technology to create precise and customized objects from digital designs. We specialize in rapid prototyping and complex part production, providing high-quality output for diverse industries.

BCP has been mastering the 3D printing process for over 20 years. We are constantly innovating and improving our printing process and we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality parts. From a sketch to the final 3D printed product, BCP allows you to choose advanced 3D printing materials, technology, and feedback for 3D print files. This ensures quality manufacturing for assembly and fit, functionality, and high-performance parts for applications like aerospace or rail. We assure you that we can help you bring your ideas to reality.

Rapid iteration: 3D printing enables quick and cost-effective production of prototypes, allowing for faster iteration and design refinement.
Complex geometries: 3D printing can create intricate and complex shapes that are challenging or impossible to achieve with traditional manufacturing methods.
Customisable designs: 3D printing allows for easy customisation, making it ideal for creating personalized prototypes tailored to specific user requirements.

Rapid Prototyping CNC Services

BCP offers a wide range of rapid prototyping CNC services using epoxy tooling board, a high-strength, lightweight material that is ideal for creating prototypes of complex parts. Epoxy tooling board is made from a combination of epoxy resin and fibre glass, which gives it its strength and rigidity. It is also very machinable, so it can be CNC-machined to create precise prototypes. Our team of experienced machinists can create prototypes from your CAD designs using a variety of materials, including plastics, metals, and composites. We offer both subtractive and additive CNC machining, so we can accommodate a wide range of projects.

Simple Modification: We can easily change your design at this stage without the need for expensive tooling modifications.
Fast Turnaround: The use of CAD drawings allows for the rapid and efficient production of accurate, complex 3D shapes.
Rapid Testing: Greater flexibility in terms of your design.
Reduce Lead Time: The design and development of a new part can be a long and expensive process. Rapid prototyping can simplify the design and development process, reducing the time and money required.

You have Good ideas, Don’t let them disappear

Without BCP, we would not have realised the final product we have in our shop. I certainly would like to keep in touch for any future projects of similar nature, now knowing BCP’s capabilities and services”

George Houzé, Assistant Designer, Paul Smith